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    Dear Nepal and trekking lovers,

    we, Martin and Jana, already had a trek with the agency "Prems Nepal Trek" a few years ago. We did the Khopra-Trek back then and it was absolutely amazing! We were very happy with both the planning and the trek.
    After these great experiences we had to return to Nepal for a longer trek. So we booked another one this year via "Prems Nepal Trek". This time we trekked from Tumlingtar to Lukla, from there to the Gokyo Lakes, to Chukung and finally back to Lukla. Chandi Rai was our guide on the trek and Pawan our porter.
    Both are absolutely reliable and very corteous! We really enjoyed traveling with them for 4 weeks. Chandi and Pawan are physically very fit and have a great sense of humor! A very special highlight was to listen to Chandi’s flute and guitar plays, which musically underlined the breathtaking views. We were also offered to spend 2 days with his family at the beginning of the trek, which was just wonderful! When we had to deal with gripal infection, Chandi offered us a very good alternative: We did not trek - as originally planned - via the Cho La, Gorakshep, etc. to the Everest base camp; instead we headed a bit back from Gokyo to finally get to Chukung. There we already felt much better and enjoyed a superb and breathtaking “alternative” view from the Chukung-Ri (ca. 5600m) instead of the Kala-Patar. Nuptse and Lhotse loomed up in front of us, with cloudless sky and sunshine! The Chukung area is not so touristic compared to the "standard route" and absolutely worth to visit!
    We are very grateful for the professionalism, the hospitality and the wonderful, adventurous time!
    We can absolutely recommend "Prems Nepal Trek", Chandi as a guide and this four-week trek!

    Best regards,

    Jana and Martin

    contact: Chandi Rai
    Lakeside-6 Pokhara, Nepal
    WhatsApp: +9779819092791
    mobile: +9779807380590
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      Traveling with Prem Nepals was ome of the bests experiences in my Life. Usually I never trabel with guide, as I prefer freedom and think that researching and finding the way is part of the trekking. I decided to hire a guide agency because I was alone, it was winter and I had no experience in high moutains. I wanted an agency because many people say they are guide in Nepal but they don't actually have knwoledge and experience, they just think you need somebody to point you the way (what any GPS can do it...). Prem Rai team had a major role in establishing the New Annapurna Trekking Trail, wich avoids the rapid growth of roads, and had a compromise with promoting enveriomental friendly natural tourism. thats why I chose them. The team was allways very helpefull since the plannings, and we came up with a great travel itinerary together, around the Annapurna circuit.

      They chose to send me Mr. Hari, and amazing person. Very kind, lovely, respectfull, friendly, strong and wise. With mlre then 30 yeats of working in the field, he knew a lot about all the birds, the etnic grups and nepals history, the comunities we passed by, the history of the religions, temples, monasterys and its symbolism... he always found the best guesthouses and the best treks acording to what I was expecting. Even when landslides and new roads have colapsed the trek, he could manage to find a new way. We manage to do the bests choices on the way, being flexible and replanning with the changing weater. Most od the people had to come back and couldnt make Thorong La Pass, but we manage to do it with carfull planning. Much more then all that, Mr. Hari was a great person to be with, to talk. We stood 20 days beautifull together and become great friends. I fell like I would have lost most of what I had experienced trekking of I was without a guide. Being with him made me learn so many things and to have a deeper contact with Nepals nature and history.

      Really recomend it!
      Gabriel Dienstmann


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        If you are looking for reliable, serious, competent and amazing trekking guides, Prems Nepal Trek is definitely the right place.
        I trekked the Annapurna circuit back in October 2017 with my fantastic guide Chandi. During autumn 2017 I decided to take a break from my life-routine in Italy and to travel along for two months around India and Nepal. Finally I had the chance to trek around the amazing mountains of the Himalayas. Before leaving Italy I read a lot on the internet to make sure to choose the right trekking circuit and I ended up with the Annapurna circuit. I planned in detail the circuit and which path I wanted to follow. However, I was alone and it was my first big trekking so I decided to go for a guide. And I couldn't make better choice. I got informed a lot online to choose the best trekking company and at some point I went through this book Trekking the Annapurna Circuit including new NATT-trails which avoid the road” by Prem Rai. He is known to be the most experienced guy when it comes to trekking in the Annapurna and circuits around. I found the book really interesting mostly because it really got my point... I wanted to avoid as far as possible roads which are dusty and are somehow against the real goal of a trekking... to be immersed in the pure nature itself! Then, I contacted Prem and told him that it would be my dream to do this trekking with him. Unfortunately (at that moment) he had already planned another trekking for that time and he suggested me his younger brother Chandi. He told me the best about Chandi and that I would not regret this choice. I trusted Prem and I replied him "Yes, why not, I will do the trekking with Chandi!". And that was the beginning of my great friendship with Chandi. Prem got me in contact with Chandi and I started planning everything directly to him. Prem and Chandi always replied very fast to all my questions. I met up with Chandi in Bhulbhule and from the first moment I understood he was an amazing guy. He introduced himself with the most beautiful and great smile ever. We went along very well since the beginning and we had a lot lot lot of fun together! We decided together the steps of our path day by day based on Chandi experience (he had already trekked the Annapurna many times) and on our discussion together. For example, at some point Chandi suggested me to take a deviation from the usual path and go for the Tilicho Lake, the world's highest lake. Well... that was amazing and for sure one of the best moment of our trekking (attached is a picture). Another great moment was the arrival at the peak, Thorong La Pa (5516 m ASL). The trekking was amazing, every day I could see different nature, panoramas, people! All the villages are beautiful and the natives living in there... well the greatest, warmest and most genuine people I have ever met. During the walk, you get immersed in the nature, you are really surrounded by mountains and everything. If you want any info about the Annapurna trekking do not hesitate to contact me.
        It is quite common to meet the same people every night after the daily trekking and to gather all together in the same lodge... I made a lot of friends too from all over the world.
        Speaking about Chandi... well, as I said he is the best trekking guide I could ever expected. He took care of me in any aspect, worrying for me and making me feel at home always. We had a lots of laughters together and super funny moment. Since 2017 we are still in touch and communicate once in a while. I promised him I will go back to Nepal at some point and meet up again with him to do another fantastic trekking. I would also love to have him here in Italy at my place for a while and meet all my family and friends. After the trekking I had the chance to stay one night in Pokhara at Prem's place and it was great. I met also Maina (unfortunately Prem was still away on trekking) and she prepared the greatest Dal Bhat ever. I will have the chance to meet Prem on next trekking, I hope so!
        Well... I really think this was one of the best, if not the best, experience of my entire life and I will be always grateful to Chandi and Prem to have made this possible... to have realized my life dream!

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