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  • Prems Nepal Trek - Best trek and guide company in Nepal

    Prem is possibly the most knowledgeable Nepalese when it comes to trekking in Nepal. He writes the NATT trekking guide, and participates in various projects helping the local community, such as home-building.

    Even before I engaged his company, he answered my questions readily, gave me lots of tips and supplied me with various materials that I needed.

    When I arrived, he was able to find me a porter guide on a short notice.

    I recommend anyone that is unsure to go with Prems Nepal Trek to enjoy peace of mind, professionalism and a great time in Nepal.

    I am pleased to have made a new friend in Nepal.

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    It is with great pleasure that I endorse the previous post, sighting the best trekking guide service in Nepal as:
    Prems Nepal Trek, Lakeside-6. (Street No:19) Pokahara, Nepal,, (being built),,, +977 9807380590, +977 9846306028
    My story is lengthy, but worth the read, if you are interested in details about the multiple talents and quality of services that await you, as you book a trip with this company. If you read to the end, you will also learn how Prems Nepal Trek is about the fulfillment of dreams. In 2016, Prem Rai and his amazing team provided me with impeccable service on a very affordable customized 19-day excursion in Nepal. Prem designed my trip to accommodate my request to visit the site of a humanitarian project there, in which I was involved, and to also go on a trekking excursion on a specific part of the Annapurna Circuit. The eight-day trek on the northern loop of Annapurna exceeded my expectations. Every day on the trail I experienced: (1) the exhilaration of the climb in incredible natural beauty at every turn; (2) the warmth and humanity of the amazing people of that region; (3) the jovial comradery with other trekkers and with our guide and porter; and (4) the most beautiful landscape photographic opportunities I have ever experienced. Prem had meticulously estimated the timing between the nightly teahouse and lodge accommodations , not only for proper altitude acclimatization, but also to meet the needs a fairly active senior citizen, with no trekking experience in high altitudes. The trek itself was the first half of a complicated request that I presented to Prem months ahead of my departure.
    For the second half of my trip, Prem masterminded and coordinated the building project, which was only a strong intention in my mind with no viable plan for completion, until I met him online. A few days after the earthquake of April 2015, I decided that sending money for disaster relief was no long enough for me, and that I needed to go there myself to provide hands-on help in whatever small way I could. I also determined that I could not travel to Nepal without making at least a brief trekking excursion in the Himalaya Mountains, which had for years seemed out of reach for me. As I began to look online for a trekking guide service, I recognized Prem’s name as coauthor with Andrees de Ruiter of the new NATT Trail Guide. How could I find a more knowledgeable and experienced guide than the man, who literally mapped the trail? As I explored Prem’s website, I saw that he also was deeply involved in the Emergency Earthquake Relief effort, which had begun to provide modest permanent housing for earthquake victims, following the initial emergency relief activities. This was too good to be true! In one man, I had found the help I needed to accomplish both of my goals in Nepal!
    As soon as Prem and I began email communication, I knew that he was the man to handle my trip! Just as with the trekking experience, he exceeded my expectations in his handling of the building project for the displaced family, who had barely escaped with their lives during the earthquake. While we were still on the trail, Prem was guiding a crew of skilled and volunteer workmen in their completion of the dwelling, just in time for my companion and me to take part in painting the home, as soon as we finished our trek. In spite of the need to unexpected reroute building materials to avoid the rushing current of a monsoon swollen river and their delivery on a steep eroding hillside; and in spite of the precise timing needed for the overlapping roles of several staff members, and for our reservations for lodging and several modes of land and air travel in Nepal, it all worked like clockwork. Prem’s organization of the entire trip was perfection, despite the need to fit such an ambitious agenda into the brief time period that I was able to leave my work in the USA.
    Before leaving Nepal, I was able to spend a little time with Prem and his amazing wife, Maina (whom I am convinced provides the best message in the world). During that time, I learned about Prem’s journey from an isolated village in the high mountains of Nepal to his creation of Prems Nepal Trek. It all started with his determination and courage, as a very young boy, to resist the cultural norms of his family and villagers, to fulfill his dream of getting an education, despite the need to run many miles each day through dangerous conditions to attend school. What an honor it was for me to be in the company of such hard-working, ethical people, devoted to their family, their clients, and to those in need. How fitting that the fulfillment of Prem’s dream made the fulfillment of my dream a possibility, as he provided for me an amazing life experience in the beautiful country of Nepal.
    Dr. Susan Nicholson,, Facebook site: Friends of Homeless Nepali Children @susansproject